Caravan Habitation Check

Your leisure vehicle needs to be regularly serviced to ensure roadworthiness and the habitation areas need regular inspections to make sure there has been no deterioration. If your leisure vehicle is under warranty, it will require servicing within a stipulated time for that warranty to continue.

Chassis & Running Gear

  • Check operation of coupling head
  • Check operation ball acting stabiliser
  • Check coupling head gaiter
  • Check breakaway cable & clip
  • Carry out visual check of drawbar
  • Check operation of corner steadies & lubricate if necessary
  • Check operation of spare wheel carrier (if present)
  • Check operation of jockey wheel & lubricate if necessary

  • Carry out visual inspection of chassis
  • Check operation of braking system
  • Check wheels & tyres
  • Check suspension & axle
  • Check operation of handbrake mechanism
  • Check & record wheel bolt torque
  • Check & record tyre pressures
  • Check & record tyre age

Electrical System

  • Check 13 pin/7 pin plugs and cables
  • Check operation of road lights & reflectors
  • Check leisure battery (if fitted)
  • Check battery compartment
  • Check operation of fridge on 230V & 12V
  • Check operation of awning light
  • Check operation of interior lighting & equipment
  • Carry out visual check of wiring on all ELV circuits

  • Check LB inlet plug & extension lead
  • Carry out visual inspection of Earth bonding
  • Carry out load test on 230V consumer unit
  • Check operation of 230V sockets
  • Check charge voltage
  • Check operation of all 230V appliances, fans & luminaries
  • Check any aftermarket items

Gas System

  • Check security of gas bottles-tank
  • Check condition of gas hose & replace if necessary
  • Check all gas drop vents are clear & ubobstructed

  • Check ventilation requirements are satisfactory
  • Check operation of regulator

Water System

  • Check water pump, pressure switch & microswitches
  • Check operation of taps, valves
  • Check pipework
  • Check tanks (if present)

  • Check water inlets
  • Check waste system
  • Check toilet


  • Check operation of doors & windows
  • Check general roof condition
  • Check grab handles
  • Check number plate is marked BS AU
  • Check floor

  • Check furniture
  • Check operation of doors & flyscreens
  • Check rising roof (if applicable)
  • Carry out damp test & record readings


  • Checked high level and low level fixed ventilation

  • Check operation of rooflights

Fire & Safety

  • Check & record smoke alarm expiration date
  • Check & record carbon monoxide alarm expiration date

  • Check expiration date of fire extinguisher
  • Check security of fire blanket housing